Noelle Savatta, PhD

Noelle Savatta, PhD

(503) 893-4669

I have in person availability in the Gorge, and provide online therapy for individuals and couples anywhere in Oregon and Washington.

Therapy is an opportunity to engage with someone authentically and without judgement. Someone who cares about you though is not attached to the choices you make as a friend or family member might be. Someone with many years of experience and training in mental health, who is actively engaged in their own personal growth journey as well.

I provide therapy that is relational, present focused, grounded in experience, and centered in the therapeutic alliance. The relationship between myself and my client(s) is the foundation of the work and is built on trust and a genuine connection. Though the work emerges out of the here and now experience between client(s) and therapist, it also investigates how the past shapes our character, choices, and life in the present. I utilize concepts such as compassion, acceptance, and mindfulness to guide the work and I sometimes use EMDR or IFS approaches. I value and respect difference and work with clients from all backgrounds, orientations, and cultures.

My goal in the work is to raise awareness so that the client(s) has more agency in their life. Clients’ goals typically include feeling better, gaining insight, or managing life more skillfully. Common presenting issues are depression, anxiety, trauma responses, difficulty navigating relationships, managing emotions, and more. The work can be long term and in depth, and/or it can be shorter term and focused on tangible change. I am happy to offer a free brief phone consultation so we can decide if we are a good fit.