Gwen Thomas, LCSW

Gwen Thomas, LCSW 



I work with people who are trying to make sense of their lives. They’re often going through a life transition that includes, but isn’t limited to, a graduation, retirement, divorce, children leaving home, career change, wedding, death of a loved one, end of a friendship, or a physical accident or illness. With any transition comes loss and grief is our natural response.

Experts agree that one of the most helpful things we can do with grief is to talk about it. The process of grieving can ultimately transport us from the life that we imagined to the life we actually have. The words and stories shared in therapy can often be the bridge.

I attended Stanford University as an undergraduate and then went on to receive my MSW at Smith College School for Social Work. There, I received training in psychodynamic theory, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, internal family systems, trauma theory, DBT and other evidenced based practices, all of which inform my approach. I also utilize the Enneagram, a tool that identifies personality patterns and pathways for growth. Since graduating 15 years ago, I’ve continued to deepen my clinical skills with both direct experience and ongoing continuing education.