August Jensen LPC

708 Columbia St.
Hood River, OR. 97031

I specialize in helping couples build stronger and healthier relationships using Stan Tatkin’s PACT approach.

PACT stands for Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy, and it’s all about understanding how our brains and bodies work in relationships with a focus on 3 key areas:

Attachment Theory: Attachment refers to the bond that we form with another person. The way we connect with our partners is deeply rooted in our past experiences and the attachment styles we’ve developed with our caregivers in early childhood. I help you and your partner understand these attachment patterns and how they impact your relationship. By recognizing these patterns, we can work together to create a more secure and satisfying bond.

Arousal Regulation: We all have moments of stress and conflict in our relationships. I will show you how to anticipate and predict each other’s emotional reactions, and become an expert in how to relieve each other’s stress. By becoming attuned to each other’s physiological and emotional states and knowing how to provide relief and comfort, you can create a more secure and harmonious relationship. Arousal regulation is all about helping you and your partner navigate the emotional rollercoaster of life together with care and understanding.

Interpersonal Neurobiology: This simply means that we are better and stronger together. Much of the conflict that arises in relationship is when both partners are operating from a one-person psychology, versus a two-person psychology. This approach also draws on the science of how our brains and bodies interact in relationships. For example, when under stress, our adult brain offloads many of its tasks to lower, and less energy-demanding areas of the brain. Interestingly, our brains are also designed to offload tasks to other brains—I’ll tend the fire, you watch out for bears.

This is a very engaged and experiential learning style of couple therapy. It is dynamic, challenging, and also rewarding. And can be a ton of fun. If you’re looking to strengthen your relationship, communicate better, and deepen your emotional connection, I can help you achieve those goals.