Kay Endres, LCSW

Kay Endres, LCSW

I have a Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Illinois and 25 years of counseling experience with adults, teens, parents and supervising professionals. My counseling style and real-life experiences help people gain insights and skills that help them encourage forward movement in life. I have developed unique methods and use an approach that challenges thinking and behavioral patterns, which has a proven success rate with my clients.

In addition to helping others, I like to spend my time hiking, sailing and connecting with my family. With a strong passion for sailing, I have ventured across both oceans, sailed to Ireland and recently became a Coast Guard Captain.

I understand entering counseling is an important and personal decision. You may have an overall feeling that your life is not headed in the direction you want it to be. You may be experiencing depression, anxiety or stress. At times, you may feel a lack of direction in your life, job or relationships. Becoming aware and changing your thinking patterns can get you back on track and steer you in the desired direction. Getting help with an experienced counselor can help put your issues into perspective. You’ll feel less stressed, less anxious and happier.

If you’re considering an appointment or want to have a conversation about how I can help, you contact me at 503.927.7735 or kayendrescounseling@gmail.com.

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