Karen Myers, LCSW

Karen Myers LCSW

706 Columbia/208 State St., Hood River
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Insurance Reimbursement

VIDEO/TELETHERAPY This is a new, added service to the community as a result of COVID19.  I use a secured, HIPAA approved and encryped site. Generally, most insurance companies will cover these sessions in the same way as face to face, in person sessions.  I am happy to verify with your insurance company those benefits.
Therapy is a fluid, dynamic partnership between client and therapist. I believe in starting where the person is, and working towards the place that individual wants to be.
I prefer EMDR, a psychotherapy that can relieve the negative effects of intense life experiences. Seemingly mundane moments such as unexpected mishaps in sporting competitions, recreational injuries, as well as more intense experiences such as those unusual, and often stressful expereinces of first responders, divorce, car accidents, sexual abuse, loss of a loved one or estranged family member or exposure  can become etched in our memory. This creates very uncomfortable symptoms which may distress other areas of our lives. Relationships, sports, work and school performance and mood can all be negatively impacted. EMDR may help remove the high emotional burden of these events allowing us to heal, naturally.
I also worked as an elementary school counselor for Hood River County School District for 17 years. I would be delighted to help your student and your family in that setting.
Children ages 8-18 and Adults.
Expertise working with anxiety, traumatic experiences, grief, divorce, sexual abuse, depression

Available for supervision for licensure