Annika Cook, M.S., LMFTA, MedFT

Annika Cook

Marriage and Family Therapist

Desiring to bring connection, healing and vibrancy back into your own life or your relationship? Have you and your partner begun to feel more like roommates than soulmates? Desiring to regain a sense of personal identity and purpose? Change is possible. I work with couples to move them from disconnection to a transformed connection. Individuals from mundane to whole-hearted living.

Working with me you will find warmth, positivity and practical tools. Living the life you want is more than just “mental health.” I value supporting the whole person- emotional, physical, relational, mental, sexual and spiritual aspects of oneself.

I’m an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. I work with clients on sex, intimacy and sexual health including increasing intimacy with partner, feeling at home in your body, self-esteem, talking to kids about sex, changes in desire, religious sexual shame, and much more. Contact me for a free discovery call.