Rebecca Hunter, MSW

Therapy & Self-Help Resources

There are no instructions in life. You are totally in charge. But sometimes it doesn’t really feel like that, does it? Actually, life is pretty darn difficult and sometimes, it’s nice to have a guide.
I help chronically stressed out people to slow down, find balance and discover themselves. Using a very updated approach & action-oriented style helps you get relief quickly. Whether you work with me individually, listen to my podcast, or join my self-paced online class …learn to take the healthiest actions at the right time to massively improve your life!
When you work with me, we will keep things casual, flexible and goal driven. All appointments can be scheduled online and you can choose whether you want to visit in person, or see me online.  I help people all over the country take control of their mental health. Most importantly, I am passionate about my work! We all have the potential for change and I look forward to helping you reach your goals.