Rebecca Hunter, MSW

Individual Therapy and Self-Help Resources

I offer single or ongoing sessions, online or in person.

I have enjoyed being a therapist for many years. My work is grounded in mindfulness, neuroscience and teaching techniques that have proven to help people thrive. I specialize in helping people eliminate problematic anxiety and repetitive cycles of depression using a very action-oriented style, which helps people get the results they are looking for quicker than traditional models. Whether you are working with me individually, listening to my podcast, or taking my self-paced online class I teach people about how to take the healthiest actions at the right time to massively improve their lives.
I practice an updated approach to therapy, with education, resources and action items every session to help you heal.
When you work with me, we will keep things casual, flexible and goal driven. All appointments can be scheduled online and you can choose whether you want to visit in person, or see me online.  I help people all over the country take control of their mental health. Most importantly, I am passionate about my work! We all have the potential for change and I look forward to helping you reach your goals.