Michelle Hertrich, Life Coach

Michelle Hertrich, Certified Professional Coach

Relationship Coach & Consultant

I have a bachelor’s degree in family and child development and 32 years experience in social services, working for the past 23 years with survivors and perpetrators of domestic violence and sexual assault.
I do Coaching, Counseling, and Consultation
Counseling deals with current emotions brought on by past issues, often traumatic experiences. One definition of trauma is anything that is less than nurturing. Many people are unaware they’ve experienced trauma and that it is getting in the way of self-love and happy relationships.
During consultation I’m teaching clients skills and information to assist with increasing self-confidence, positive emotions, and improved relationships. For the past 14 years I’ve taught clients how to love themselves, decrease shame, have healthier relationships, and thrive after trauma.
Coaching involves removing visible and invisible roadblocks to something we desire that we don’t yet have. If we want something… more joy, to be self-employed, a new relationship…but we don’t have it yet, something is getting in our way. This is often our limiting beliefs or self-sabotage. Uncovering these beliefs or habits helps clients free the way to achieve their greatest desires.
Relationships begin with ourselves. We may think a relationship will finally help us gain confidence or feel happy. If you find yourself choosing partners that you think are different, only to find you’ve made a similar choice to the last one that didn’t work out, you may some have work to do. It is not until we truly fall in love with ourselves that we can finally make choices that validate that.
If you feel confused in your current relationship as to why it feels like an emotional roller coaster or why you or your partner just can’t get it right, you may have some work to do. The only person you can change is yourself and over the years I’ve taught hundreds of clients to make the changes that significantly improved their relationships.
If this sounds like something you may be looking for, give a call to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. If we’re a good fit, it’ll be our first success together! If we’re not a good fit, I know many amazing therapists and coaches I can refer you to.