Jolie C. Lucas, LCSW


Jolie C. Lucas, LCSW CEO

Over 25 years of experience with individuals, groups and corporations

Types of Counseling: I enjoy working with individuals who feel that they want to make positive changes in their lives. I have worked with both male and female clients. In my present practice, I see about 80% women and 20% men. I have experience in mental health with individuals, couples, teens, groups, families, and consultations. Further, I have specific experience working with depression, Women’s Issues, terminally ill clients, and clients experiencing grief. I am open to working with clients of any religion, ethnic group, or sexual orientation.

Methods: I am trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy. It is my desire to help the client identify areas of needed change, and help create a path to reach new goals. I prefer to see clients weekly for the first six weeks, and then a schedule of bi-monthly sessions can be instituted. Therapeutic techniques include counseling sessions, home assignments, journaling, art therapy, and collaboration with physician (if appropriate), and recreation therapy.

Process: The process of therapy can be painful at times. As your therapist, I feel it is my role to be with you on your journey and allow you to dictate the pace and direction of our work together. I believe that current issues can be related to difficulties we have had in the past. We may focus on processing past experiences in an effort to gain insight into resolving current problems in your life.

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