Eli Schroppel LPC

www.newleafcolumbiagorge.com newleafcolumbiagorge@gmail.com

A good connection with a skilled therapist can help you process and understand parts of your life and your self. Working through the hard parts can be difficult and confusing but therapy can offer a helping hand. I believe that the experiences we go through in life shape us, the people around us impact us, and I believe that the process of growing is a life long journey.

I practice psychodynamic therapy informed by person centered ways of relating. That’s just a fancy way to say that I think your life impacts who you are, how you behave and feel, and that an empathetic, supportive relationship is the best place to work on the change you want to see. I have experience working with self harm and suicidal thinking, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and relationship dynamics. I work with adults, teens, and couples. I work with families but usually as a way to support and encourage healthy relationship dynamics. If you’re feeling hopeless, powerless, meaningless, or worthless, please don’t give up. There are people here who understand.