Cass Estes, Life Coach



I help womxn activate their power, unleash their sexuality, awaken their intuition and stop saying yes when they want to say f*ck no.

I am passionate about pleasure and helping people thrive. My work as a coach combines neurobiology, shamanic healing, and holistic embodiment practices; blended with ancient wisdom & teachings. The work is based in an understanding that all of us are sensual beings with a tremendous capacity for love and connection. Breathwork, pleasure practices, meditation, energy work, sounding, and movement are combined in a transformational process that is rooted in deep self-love and acceptance. This method recognizes and supports that human beings thrive by regularly experiencing states of ecstasy, surrender, conscious connection, and wild freedom.

Coaching is an opportunity to look under the hood of your life. What’s not working? What’s giving you pain? What are you assuming about your value, your ability, or your capacity?

We take an honest look at all those things and then we look at what’s possible.

I work in service of your transformation by bringing a fresh perspective on your potential. Let’s expand your mind as you get clear about your dreams and desires.

Learn tools and practices that will support you moving towards your goals fully resourced and alive.


  • Self-love & Empowerment
  • Embodiment & Intuition
  • Sexuality & Pleasure
  • Confidence & Agency

I look forward to connecting with you

For more information please visit my website or email to book a free discovery call.