Ash Wylder, Life Coach

Life Coach, Creative Mentor, & Narrative Healing Specialist


Narrative Healing Sessions

Creative mentorship for the thresholds of your life

Each season brings us (hopefully) closer to who we are as creators, dreamers, and artists in the world. Whether we are crafting the day-to-day lives of our family, architecting a new book, or processing a deep loss, death, or transition, we decide who we are in each moment. And who we are matters. 

This could be for you if you’re going through a difficult life chapter and want someone in your corner helping you make values-based decisions even when it’s hard.

Who we decide to be and what we decide to do shapes the trajectory of our lives. Let me support you to reconnect with your deepest-held dreams and goals. You’ll clarify your thinking and become the inspired architect of your life–turning dreams into concrete reality. 

We’ll use narrative healing to creatively address these important thresholds in an honest, courageous, and nonjudgemental space. You’ll learn to strengthen your trust in your own advice as you craft the next chapters of your life. 

From powerful one-time experiences to ongoing high performance coaching, narrative healing helps you achieve your dreams. Your next chapter starts here. 

If you want to reach your dreams without feeling the pressure to hustle through your life (and miss the small, daily moments of mystery that make life meaningful), I invite you to book a session. 

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About Ash: 

Hi, I’m Ash Wylder. I’ve called the Gorge home for 11+ years and it’s likely that we’ve met doing one sport or another along the way. As a coach and mentor, I help people use stories to make sense of the chaos and get through the shitty parts of life. I offer 1:1 Narrative Healing Sessions for individuals seeking additional support in shedding old skins and moving from one life passage to the next. Don’t worry, you’re human. You’re already good at it. Come learn how.