Ann Hansen, M.S., Life Coach

Ann Hansen, M.S.

Yoga Therapist/Coach

Yoga informed guidance for personal growth and healing

Call or Text: 541-400-0159

Serving adults and teens at our farm studio location in Hood River or via Zoom 

I work with clients using the foundational principles of yoga; breathwork, therapeutic movement, mindfulness practices and meditation to address a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms. Yoga Therapy sessions are for people who want to explore yoga and breathing techniques to address a specific health issue or condition.

Using a holistic, integrated approach, I assess imbalances to get to the root of the problem and empower individuals to understand and manage their own nervous system. I do breathwork analysis and coaching to help manage many conditions including stress, sleep disorders, anxiety, and digestive problems. Sessions are typically one hour long and include time for checking in and discussion, followed by a customized practice based on your physical and emotional needs, time for reflection, and recommendations for continued home practice.

I specialize in stress, anxiety and trauma. Yoga Therapy sessions also help with several other health conditions such as Insomnia, Chronic pain, Digestion, Hypertension and Autoimmune/Inflammatory conditions. 

In addition to my Yoga Therapy credentials, I have a Master’s Degree in Special Education and spent 30 years as a Developmental Specialist. For more information about my background and services, please visit or email me at